Benefits for schools and language centres

Pearson English International Certificate

Pearson English International Certificate is designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning. The test is an assessment solution as it is intended for learners of English who are speakers of other languages (ESOL). The tasks in the exam are a natural continuation of what happens in and outside the classroom, giving candidates the chance to achieve better results.

When you become a Pearson English International Certificate Tests Centre you get the following competitive advantages.

  • Your institution will get an added value that will make a difference from other institutions.
  • A study plan that ensures your students’ learning process.
  • Training sessions for teachers to keep them constantly updated.
  • Invitations to Pearson events for your staff.
  • Your institution can be included to the list of authorized centres in your city.
  • When becoming a centre, an announcement is made in the Pearson local social networks.
  • Promotion resources for your institution as authorized centre: web banner, Whatsapp announcements, social networks adds, and authorized centre plate among others.
  • Brochures with information for parents and students.
  • Recognition to the examination centres with the biggest number of exams taken each year.

Test Centres

Visit the Test Centres page to view the authorized centre in or near your location.

Exam dates

Find here the available test dates in your country.

How to become an authorized Test Centre?

To become a Pearson English International Certificate Test Centre you should contact your local rep, who will connect you with the Pearson Implementation Team. They will provide you with the necessary information and help you with the administrative process to get the “Test Centre Approval”.

Once your institution has been approved as Authorized Centre, you will receive a Pearson English International Certificate Centre Number and an Accreditation Certificate. Soon after that, you and your staff will be trained by our Local Team to start implementing the exams autonomously.

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