Pearson English International Certificate

Show admissions teams and future employers you’re ready for the real world, with an English test that focuses on the everyday English you need to succeed, not your grammar.

PEIC is awarded by EdExcel and recognized by educators and employers around the world. You’ll be able to confidently share your scores and Credly digital badge to prove you are real-world ready. 

For ages 14+
Take at a time to suit you
Online or in person
Never expires
Test length: 2 hours
Results time: 1-6 weeks

Take your English test securely, anytime, anywhere

Set yourself up for success: you decide where and when you take your test, so you can choose the test environment and time that works best for you.

This two-hour test is available on-demand to take at home or at school. Or if you prefer, you can take it in a secure test center, check for availability across our global network of authorized test centers.

Why choose Pearson English International Certificate?


Real-world relevance

Assesses the English skills that really matter, not just your ability to memorize grammar rules.


Detailed feedback

Your score report provides personalized guidance on how to improve your skills in the future.


Results for life

Your certificate never expires so you don’t need to re-sit the test every few years.


Highest standards

Awarded by Edexcel and accredited by Ofqual.

International Certificate is now supported by Credly

Now you can shout about your English Score with our official Credly digital badge. Simply add your Credly badge to your CV, email signature, social media profiles such as LinkedIn and online portfolios to make sure everyone knows you have real-world English skills.

Once you have taken your test, you will be emailed your badge so all you need to do is look out for an email from Credly and then share it.



Test taker support and resources


Free app for test practice

This fun mobile app gives you real test practice for free. Practice with items like those you'll see on your test, across all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Download for iOS

Download for Android


Readiness Test

This quick, online test tells you if you’re ready to pass the International Certificate at your chosen level.

If you have more work to do, the Readiness Test identifies your skills gaps and tells you what you need to do to achieve a pass.


Test questions

Get familiar with the kinds of questions you’ll be asked by watching our YouTube videos.

Levels A1 and A2

Levels B1 and above

Test familiarization

Everything you need to know about taking the test, including test tips.

Test taker guide (PDF | 831.39 KB)

Test taker handbook (PDF | 384.01 KB)

Test tips guide (PDF | 1.43 MB)

Why take a test with us?

We believe that everyone should have the confidence to be themselves in any language.

Our learning experts

We have been working with world-leading language learning experts for over 30 years, combining language testing research with cutting-edge technology, to develop trusted tests that reflect the latest innovations and thinking.

The Global Scale of English

Our tests are mapped to the GSE so you can accurately assess your English ability. The GSE results from extensive global research, building on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) learning objectives.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We combine advanced speech recognition and exam grading technology with the insight of professional ELT exam markers worldwide to develop patented software that can measure English language ability.

Pearson English International Certificate - Computer Based Test

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